Top 10 best sites to download and listen to mp3 for free

You only have ears for songs, melodies and tempo and not for the high, almost irritating voice of your classmate. A word of advice: buy good headphones AND fill your phone with the musical repertoire up to your eardrums. We support you with this top of the best sites to download or listen to .mp3 for free!

1. Amazon Music

You can pinch yourself as much as you want, but you’re awake. Amazon Music too has its panoply of free music, to our delight. Who would’ve believed that.

2. Tubidy

Too good to be true ? It’s kind of what you say when you see Brad Pitt or … Tubidy. The site provides you with a nice collection of downloads. And if you are looking for a specific mp3, you only have to type and abracadabra, the magic works.

3. Spotify

There he is, the current music despot. We see you coming “eh oh it’s not free banana”. Certainly, there is a paid version with a subscription, but the platform also has a free version with advertisements. Their huge range of music of all kinds, classified by categories (“sport motivation” for example for those who want abs worthy of those of Tibo In Shape) and above all, at the forefront of modernity. A Dj Snake sound comes out this Friday at midnight? It will necessarily be on Spotify.

4. Jango

Think again, Jango is neither a Quentin Tarantino film, nor a board game but a musical platform. You will discover categories to help you find the rare pearl, the one that will make you swing until the end of the night: “the 90s”; “Latin music”; “country”; “yoga” etc. A mood, a category.


Your moods tend to change very quickly. In the morning, you are Zen, in the afternoon you jump for joy and in the evening, you have great fishing. Let yourself be accompanied by personalized playlists that support your mood changes. And yes, offers an arsenal of mixes and gives you the possibility of creating them from scratch. To your mice!

6. FMA (Free Music Archive)

16. It is not the number of pounds that you will gain in confinement but rather the number of different musical genres that FMA offers. And the icing on the cake, you don’t need an account to download your favorite music for free and legally.

7. Musopen

Musopen’s muzzle will surely help you smell the best of music. The site is divided into 4 distinct parts: one to listen and download, one to browse the free scores, a web-radio and applications to learn how to use an instrument. You will become THE king of melodies.

8. Grooveshark

In the ocean, fish, sharks and turtles coexist perfectly. Except the day when the shark is hungry and it will not hesitate to soften its stomach, even if it means eliminating a comrade. It is the cycle of nature. Grooveshark is kind of the same story. This harmless little shark gains space in the ocean of music. And this is the web cycle. Its array of choice, its sleek design and its playlists have won over the general public!

9. Deezer

The ancestor of online music, the little old man we all carry in our hearts. We have named: Deezer. It has long been the favorite of musicos because of its free offer with advertisements. Today, other platforms have gleaned this system. Nevertheless, Deezer keeps an important place thanks to its immense catalog and its originality of choice. And for that, low hat the artist.

10. Musicovery

Music you want, here it is. Musicovery is the headquarters of the dilettantes. The reason is simple: music in all forms, galore. Blog, concerts, recommendations, playlists, lives, you will find everything, at any time. It’s the famous “everywhere, all the time”, kapich?

11. Audiomack

Audiomack is the future, the new kid that we hope will grow up. Available online or on an Android or Apple application, the platform is close to revolutionary. All music is free and downloadable legally. The site is very easy to use thanks to its “fashionable” categories; “playlists”; “top music” ..etc. A real treat to stroll on this site!

12. Spinrilla

Sono on the left shoulder, cap upside down and little figure of station wagon, voila, you are a hip-hopeur (not sure it says but it sounds pretty good). But you still lack a little detail: Spinrilla. The site has the best urban universe of music sites. You can download sounds and mixtapes for free and legally via the web or the app!

13. Youtube

My first is the second person singular in English, my second is a colloquial term for music / song that has been very successful. YouTube, bravoooo! Yes the red rectangle is part of this top. You will find music, clips, playlists and concerts galore. The free version includes ads and does not allow you to lock your phone and listen to your sounds simultaneously. Pity. But the choice is immeeeeense (with lots of “e” to prove it to you).

14. Vimeo

Alala, social networks. They are at the center of the debates and on the other hand, more used than ever. You will discover music videos galore, downloads and a blog. A subscription version also exists if you want to go further. Ready, Set ? Network!

15. Jamendo

Some go to the book club, others go to the bar, others go to Habbo and the rest go to Jamendo. Everyone has their own community. The latter brings together a huge community of music lovers. The site is divided into two parts: one to discover new independent artists and the other to find music or videos free of copyright (for commercial use). You can therefore like, download or listen to all kinds of music, from the best known to the most visionary.

Final Word

Harry up don’t west time visit those site to download or listen your favorite song make your mind refresh. we hop you like this article. No more today Keep visiting our site .